Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Poco Loco!

 Dear Diary,

It`s been a loooooong time without updating you but, I was busy enjoying my summer holidays and selecting unforgettable memories to keep my heart warm during the cold winter.... (I just sounded so poetic)
B came to Greece and had a wonderful time together. After she left I met up with Xenia and went for a 4-day-escape to Corfu. With Kate we are always into adventures either in the city or in Halkidiki.
When I was in London I had seen on IG a place that serves amazing donut-chocolate drinks.
The name of this place is Poco Loco and about 2 weeks ago we went there and I had an amazing choco time!
I loooooooooooooooove chocolate!
 The truth is that I prefer to eat it rather than drink it but, come on; chocolate in any form makes everything look better!

Have you ever noticed there are no recipes for leftover chocolate??????
 We eat it all till the very last bit!
I have no chocolate to satisfy my appetite right now,pffff!
Smooch Smooch,
Litsiana K.  

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