Sunday, 18 October 2015

Awesome Autumn!

Dear Diary,

Awesome Autumn has showed up and I couldn`t be happier!
I love fall! I love its colours! I love its vibes!
No, no, its vibes don`t make me sink into deep melancholy...
Plus, I love all the autumnal outfits; coz it `s not that hot or that cold and I can wear pieces like capes with denim and flare pants!
I discovered this small fall paradise while I was on the bus going to Stratford. On my way back, I got off the bus at the bus stop opposite the lake park and  spent a calm but full of images afternoon before work.

I always say that my favourite season is summer but 
autumn paints in colours that summer has never seen!
Appreciate what every season delivers and make the most of it!
Write to you soon!
Litsiana K.  

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Cape, Primark
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Monday, 12 October 2015

LitsianaDoesIsleofWight/ Part 2

Dear Diary,

This is the last travel post regarding Portsmouth.
My Saturday was spent in Portsmouth but, on Sunday I decided to take the hovercraft and get me to the Isle of Wight  in just 10 minutes
I spent 4hours there exploring not the whole island of course, but a part of it; Ryde.
Ryde is a British seaside town and civil parish. It`s the most populous urban area on the island and it lies on the east-north coast.
To be frank, I didn`t like it that much. It was such a quiet place. This quiet that gradually makes you depressed. I wanted some noise pollution so I took the hover and went back for some last hustle and bustle before hopping on the train and return back to London. 

2nd longest pleasure pier in the UK

Peter Pan amusement park

Appley Tower

Back to Portsmouth

Domus Dei

You liked something, perfect!
You didn`t like something, perfect!
Have always in mind that the only source of knowledge is experience!

Have a lovely week, ppl!
Write to you soon!
Litsiana K.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

LitsianaDoesPortsmouth/ Part 1

Dear Diary,

Have you heard of wanderlust? 
Oh, yes this insisting and intensive desire to travel to different places!
Oh my Gosh!
There are soooo many places around the globe, but so little time and money, lol.
What are your thoughts about travelling?
It`s a controversial issue, isn`t it?
There are two schools of thought. Those who believe in the power of wander and those who have the, wrong to my mind, perception that we the travellers are in a constant run away from something....
Is the 'escape of life' the case tho? 
Does travel mean running away from our daily struggles? Does it show weakness? Aren`t we brave enough to confront life to its full extent?
My answer to this is that we the wanderers run towards everything;
towards the infinite world of experiences. We leave our settled mundane lives behind to run after what the mighty world has to offer us!
We want to see the unseen to our eyes, taste weird food, meet new people, satisfy every inch of our senses.
We want to have an insight into other cultures; cultures that are not better or worse than ours.
Cultures with which we not only differ but have so much in common as well since we all share one small part on this planet.

We do say that life is short and we only live once (yolo)  but do we actually live our lives according to this?
Each and every single of you have the answer deep inside you. How deep tho?
I keep  saying to myself that I want to look back and praise myself for all the crazy, spontaneous decisions, ideas, things I`ve  made/done in my life and have no regrets for any good or bad choice I`ve made.

So, based on this way of thinking (what a nice excuse),  I went and spent a fabulous weekend in Portsmouth. My camera captured amazing images that I want to share with you.

Portsmouth Guildhall

University of Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower

The view from the Spinnaker Tower

Square Tower

Southsea Castle 

Round Tower

Gunwharf Quays 

HMS Warrior

Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, Portsmouth

Twenty years from now
you will be more disappointed by the things you didn`t do than by the things you did do. So leave your comfort zone and by what you witness you`ll stand in awe!
Next time, I`ll post Portsmouth part 2.
A big kiss,
Litsiana K.

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