Tuesday, 31 January 2017

LitsianaDoesBudapest /part2

Dear Diary,

That`s the second post about Budapest and it`s gonna be a mini guide in case you visit the city anytime soon!

Day one was spent in Buda. We visited the Buda Castle and the Fisherman`s Bastion. The view from up there was amazing! Flat Pest was lying in front of our eyes magnificent as always, I think! Some left snow made the scenery so wintry tho!
After walking a lot we rest ourselves in a nice cafe warming up with some hot tea and coffee looking over Danube and the stunning Parliament.
Then, we decided to have a guided tour of the Hospital in the Rocks! We learnt so much about the use of such a hospital and the wax made all look so realist as if we were part of it. So scary and far away from now but yet so real since it is part of the recent history!
Afterwards, it was high time we tried their traditional cuisine. Goulash is the best soup I `d ever had in my whole life! It`s with beef and vegetables. We do have something similar in Greece (kreatosoupa) but, the taste is so different...
Hungarians produce their own alcohol called Palinka which is similar to our Ouzo and Tsipouro and as strong as both of our spirits.
We had just a mere sip of it to cheer to our lovely trip!

Of course there was space for some dessert! Dessert doesn`t go to stomach, dessert goes to heart! A patisserie that you must pay a visit to is Cafe Gerbeaud. I had a chocolate cake with apricot. The weird thing about the dessert in Hungary is that they are not sweet at all!!!
That`s why when I went to New York Cafe the second time I ordered two desserts (hahaha) and yet didn`t had the level of sugar I wanted!
Also, that night we had some crazy cocktails at the most alternative bar we`ve ever been to. Szimpla Kert is the name of the place and it`s part of the ruin area and ruin bars! Such a good spot to meet locals and have a unique bar experience! 

Day 2 was spent in Pest. 
We went to St. Stephen`s Basilica and we bought us tickets for the Panorama view. We had to go up 300 stairs but the view was a good pay off!
After that, we went to New York Cafe. It`s well-known for its amazing interior design and high ceilings!
At first, we had chocolate and coffee and then we decided that we had to try their food as well. Our lunch was on point accompanied with some live violin! How posh was that?!?! 
(We came back on the 4th day for some tea and coffee along with some no sugary desserts at all! I had their famous New York Cake and another one with avocado!)
On that day, we had a guided tour of The Opera House!
We learnt quite a little useless stuff about the opera that made the tour pretty boring. Xenia fell asleep for a bit, hahaha, poor her!
The evening was spent at our lovely hotel Danubius Gellert Hotel and particularly we used the spa service provided with our accommodation!  Gellert Baths rank the most popular spa in Budapest which is titled as" a historic spa city"!
Of course we had no energy to go out so we dined at the hotel`s restaurant and then off to bed to charge our batteries for the upcoming day!

Day 3 was spent in Pest as well.
We went to Hosok Tere aka The Hero Square
and then to see the second most famous baths in Budapest; Szechenyi Thermal Baths.  Unfortunately, we didn`t try them. How stupid was that???? Oh well...
We went to New York Cafe again and then to another Hungarian Bistro for some more gorgeous Goulash soup!
Unfortunately, the river was frozen so we didn`t try the cruise but thanks to tram 2 and 19 we had our night exploration!

Day 4 was all about having a hearty breakfast with the view of Danube and Liberty Bridge and buying souvenirs such as magnets and paprika before heading to the airport. 
It was an amazing trip that ended a bit unpredictably... Both Xenia and I suffered from gastroenteritis for a few days and I ending up at hospital in London for a day.

Hope you enjoyed my really long post but quite informative I would say, hehe!

Listiana K.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

LitsianaDoesBudapest/ part1

Dear Diary,

The moment I landed in London I had to think about the next flight I had to catch 2 days later to Budapest.
There I had to meet up with Xenia who was coming from Greece. We did exactly the same last Easter in Berlin and worked out pretty well!
Xenia is defo my travel buddy since we`ve gone on 4 trips together. 

Budapest was supposed to be freezing cold and it was. -3 degrees and who knows what the real feel would be like and thank God I had my warm up in Thessaloniki so as to get used to temperatures like these.
Who said that London is cold???? London seemed the warmest place...

Budapest was in white due to snow the previous days. During our stay it didn`t snow at all. It was so sunny and lovely but, freezing cold. Wearing thermal clothes made our tourism a bit easier, lol.

Budapest is a nice destination to go to. It combines hills found in Buda and flat land in Pest. The architecture is stunning. The numerous bridges that connect Buda with Pest are so beautiful and all different from each other. My favourite one is the (Green Bridge or officially named) Liberty Bridge followed by Chain Bridge. 
Danube River was frozen and unfortunately we didn`t take the cruise we so much wanted on the river in the late evening so as to see the most important Hungarian buildings lit up. Oh well. thanks to tram 2 and 19 we had our night exploration! 

~Hello Hungary!
Window view over snowy Budapest from the plane!~

~Liberty Bridge and frozen Danube!~

~St. Stephen`s Basilica and panoramic view over Buda and Pest!~

~St. Stephen`s Basilica at night!~

~The Parliament at night!~

~Our lovely hotel at night!~

~New York Cafe: the most amazing coffee place and restaurant. High ceilings and amazing decor! Highly recommend!~

~Central Market~

That`s all for now, loves!
Hope you had an amazing weekend and got ready to kick off the new week.
Soon more pics and info about Budapest.
Sleep tight,
Litsiana K