Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Confenssions of a shopaholic!/ Oxford Street

Dear Diary,

Long time no see!
I didn`t forget you and hope you didn`t forget me either!
I`m here again to say hi and share a few thoughts with you...I crawled out of my cozy and cuddle bed coz I have to catch up with so many things today!

When I`m extremely tired and want to escape from a mundane day, I like going off on mind trips. Today`s mind trip is about shopping!

"I have so many clothes that I need no more", said no woman ever!
Well, my closet is crammed full of clothes, bags, shoes, outerwear, etc and still when a day comes and I want something nice and stylish I hardly find anything in it... What is wrong with our species, damn it?!?!?!
Greedy little fashionistas who yearn to possess more and more attire.... 

Today`s post is about OXST (Oxford Street).
I assume you know that London is the capital of fashion!
What you might not know tho is that  shopping can keep you fit!
Well, if you go shopping in OXST, it`s like you go to the gym and use the treadmill! Why? Coz OXST runs for approximately two and a half kilometers from Marble Arch at the north east corner of Hyde Park, through Oxford Circus to St Giles Circus, at the junction with Charing Cross Road and Tottenham Court Road.
OXST is a major road in the City of Westminster in the West End of London. It is the Europe's busiest shopping street, since in 2011 it reached roughly 300 shops!

Start working out now by going shopping... both advisable and appealing to those who hate gyms!
My fav shops in OXST are: Primark, River Island and TOPSHOP. Also, Selfridges can be found there. It`s a mall and once you get in you don`t want to get out...Have you seen their X-mas windows? Eye-catchers for sure!

It is believed that Oxford Street is the street of fashion!
I believe so!
Have to go now fellas!
C y in a bit!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Wool Fedora Hat, Primark
Outerwear, GRIGIO
Top and Haritage Cullote, Peter Luft, Limited Edition
Shoes, Primark
Bag, Paul`s Boutique 
Mani, Wahmails
Ring, Swarovski
Watch, Loisir

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sloane Square!

Dear Diary,

The days were turned from heat wave to cold snap and were full  of scattered showers. Weather change and mood change is on. I`m not ready for the winter... I love autumn and what it brings along with it.
I love wearing autumnal outfits coz I feel awesome in them!
Well, apparently you know that I love fashion but I don`t talk about fashion on my blog at all. I prefer to share with you my outfit options rather than talk about them, but the today`s post is an exception. More thought will follow since I find f/w  so appealing. Also, I`ve changed my style due to my job. I`m not a student any more; I`m a teacher now!

Sooooo, a must trend for this season is the hat! I`m so obsessed with Wool Fedora Hats. My favourite one is the one that I`m wearing in the following pictures. The combination of black and navy black was always at the top of the list! 

Before the cold spells appear, I went for a stroll in Sloane Square! The place is so perfect for a day walk during autumn and it`s also suggested for night walks during Christmas time when all the xmas lights are on and create such a holly and romantic atmosphere!

Sloane square is a small hard-landscaped square on the boundaries of the central London districts of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea.
The Venus Fountain which stands in the centre of the square was constructed in 1953, designed by sculptor Gilbert Ledward The fountain depicts Venus, and on the basin section of the fountain is a relief which depicts King Charles II and Nell Gwynn by the Thames, which was used in relation to a house located close by that Nell Gwynn had used.

That`s all for now.
Gotta go fellows.
Litsiana K.

On me:
Wool Fedora Hat, Primark
Maxi Dress, Vintage
Leather Jacket, Anel
Sleeveless Fur, Bonachero
Boots, Primark
Backpack, Primark

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hello, October!/Battersea Park

Dear Diary,

I haven`t written to you for ages!
Did you miss me?
My every single day has changed. I`m a hard working girl now with little free time.
I feel that it will not be easy to keep up with the Diary as 'often' as I did in the past.
But I`ll try my best coz Diary works as a medium to let-off steam and relax a bit.

October is here. We`re in the heart of autumn and to be honest, it`s the second favourite season of mine after summer of course! The colours you get from the nature are brown, orange, yellowish, deep green and burgundy!  Colours that people choose to put on too!
I think that it`s worth visiting a park during fall or spring. I remember my first visit to Green Park about a year ago...and this time of the year came again!!! Time is fleeting and we can do nothing about it. What we can do though is enjoy every single day and what it comes along with it!

The other day, I hit Battersea Park. 
Despite the fact that people say that autumn makes both our mind and soul sink into deep melancholy, for me it`s not the case! In the autumn, I feel more determined than ever to take decisions and make them happen.

One tip for those who get easily influenced by the season change.
Consider autumn as a second spring when every leaf is a flower!
It works, right?
I`ll try to post more soon.
With love,
Litsiana K.

From head to toe:
Wool Fedora Hat: Alexi Andriotti
Shades: River Island
Leather Jacket, Anel
2 in 1 Shirt Top, Primark
Tie Front Shorts, Primark
120 den Tights, Primark
Shoes, Super Made
Backpack, Primark
Watch, Loisir