Monday, 31 August 2015

Happy 29!

Dear Diary,

I love summer and my favourite month is August!
On 12th August, it`s my birthday!
This year, I turned 29! 
Jeez, time flies away...
What matters is to have a life of no regrets!
Never regret anything coz at once it was exactly what you wanted!
If it`s good, it`s wonderful. If it`s bad it`s experience!
It`s good to learn from our mistakes but never regret, for the simple reason that nothing can be undone, changed or forgotten. So, we ought to take it as a lesson and move on!
I had an amazing bday escape in Akti Zografou, Chalkidiki with good friends!

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn`t take
So, confront life with no fear!
Till the next post, do make some wonderful memories!
Kisses and hugs,
Litsiana K.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015


Dear Diary,

Summer in Greece is all about beaching!
So many beautiful beaches, so little time...
I've been abroad to two different places (to Brighton & Sunny Beach, Bulgaria)  during summer and I must admit that amazing beach bars can be found only in Greece.
In Brighton none. In Sunny Beach plenty of them but all, more or less, are the same; with white umbrellas and white sunbeds. No concept in mind.
In Greece and in particular, in Chalkidiki you can bump into the most amazing ones.
The exterior and interior design of these beach bars leave you in awe!
My favorite one is Elephant which opened its doors this summer, 2015 and it is on the 1st leg of Chalkidiki, Pefkoxori.

Few lines about Chalkidiki.
Chalkidiki is consisted of 3 peninsulas, tho in Greek are referred to as "legs"!
The 1st one is Kassandra, the 2nd one is Sithonia and the 3rd one is Athos.
Chalkidiki is situated in the south of Thessaloniki.

 If a paradise is a place on earth,
 it is possibly Greece!
Sun-kissed kisses,
Litsiana K.

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Up in the!/MET Hotel

 Dear Diary,

I came back home 3 weeks ago and all I`ve been doing is beaching non-stop!
My first ever Greek splash happened on a magnificent rooftop garden at a 5* hotel, the MET  Hotel.
The RG affords a breathtaking view over the city of Thessaloniki!
It`s a place where both body and mind relieve stresses and strains that autumn, winter and spring filled them in with...with reckless abandon!
Went there twice, in 2 weeks time, with my bestie, Katerina and had a blast!
Of course, nothing can be compared to the beach and the amazing ones that can be found in Greece but if you feel stuck in the city why don`t you try the pool?!?!?
Hadn`t been to my home-town since December so I really wanted to spend 3 days here and then hit the nearby beaches, and a pool escape never hurt anyone!
To be honest, I was dreaming of this when I was in London.
Yes. London has  rooftop gardens but they aren`t affordable...

The next post will be about my beach life in Chalkidiki, the place to be!
Till next time,
Summer it out!
Litsiana K.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

LitsianaDoesBrighton!/ Part3

Dear Diary,

Happy August!

I`m back home! Back to my lovely hometown, Thessaloniki and back to my lovely summer house in Kalives, Chalkidiki!
It`s been a week since my arrival in Greece and I wonder  non-stop. 
So little time so many things on the list! I`ll do my best to cross out as many as possible...
Last summer, I came back just for 10 days, this summer it`ll be staying for much longer; for almost 2 months!
My last days in London were quite intensive!
I had so much work and I moved out from my lil cute flat.
Ok, unless you have to move your stuff, you have no idea how much you own...
Too numerous to mention.
Clothes, shoes, beddings, towels, kitchen ware, books, TV, to name but a few. I remember when I moved to London, I traveled with two pieces of luggage. After 1, 5 year in London 6 pieces and everything was super squeezed to fit in.
I did it and here I am!
In my summer house there is no WIFI and that`s a good thing...I am phone free (ok, I do have data but the reception is poor so I just update my IG account) and that means I might be really slow in blogposting.

Before leaving London, I owed one last visit to the place I love the most!
Oh yes, Brighton babe!
I went there with my partner in crime, My sweet sweet Balbi! <3

Am off, Am on my balcony with mom and Kate.
Absorb every single moment in your every day life like a sponge!
Till next time!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K,

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