Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Once upon a Pergola and Hill Gardens

Dear Diary,

Once upon a dream... 
Dreams, dreams, dreams......dreams.
Who thinks that life might be a big bubble and whatever occurs is just a dream...? 
Mmm, my thoughts fight over that assumptions and well, it makes sense, to me at least! 
If we really like something and we cannot believe that is really happening to us, we say: Pinch me, cause I`m dreaming, right? Of course, there is the case in which something that we don`t really like is in progress and again, we are so eager to wake up so as that bad situation we are in comes to its end...
Dreams or nightmares.... two different sides of one single action; the action of dreaming.
Ok, let`s talk about our good dreams.
Which of you girls, have you ever dreamt of being a princess?
Mmmm, I have to admit that I am one of the million girls out there who wanted to be a one; at the age of 5 though. 

The other day, I went for an evening stroll to a very promising garden called 'The Pergola and the Hill Gardens; it is a well-hidden secret garden in Hampstead. 
I had searched for some pics on the Net to get an idea about how the place looks like but when I saw it with my own eyes, it looked as if it was dragged out of my dreamland! A dreamland, where the sky unveiled the 50 shades of blue due to the constant weather change; the one moment was raining and the other one was sunny. Trapped in my castle, struggling to find the way out. 
Yes, there, I felt like a princess....

Handy hints on enjoying this post to the fullest:
Please, make a hot cup of tea, coffee, or add some more wine into your wine glass, lay comfortably back so as to enjoy yourselves whilst reading the story of these Gardens here
and scrolling down the images!

It is said that: when there is a will, there is a way... 
No, I don`t want to be a princess any more. I gave up on this a long time ago....
I just want to be the 'princess' of some particular figures in my life...
Fooling yourself every now and then does not make you a fool...It shows that you are bald enough to treat your imagination rotten with.
Till next time!
Dream on dreamers,
Litsiana K.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

'Batman' & 'Monico'

Dear Diary,

I don`t know whether it`s just this year or London is always under construction, but hardly can you find any place that is not under further refinement...pffff. I feel so sorry for all these tourists who came and found Eros Statue, at Piccadilly Circus, enclosed by a something-foot box....and Eros is just an example! 
What else is worth visiting there? Mmmm, the illuminated screens of course! Yes, they`ve been refurbished for weeks, but now they can be found without scaffoldings! Yiha, that means it`s shooting time!
I just love these screens. They are standing in awe both in the daylight and during the night.
They remind me of Time Square in NY,what do you thing? As I have already mentioned in some previous post, you can find anything in London..... in a miniature version though! 

Some info: Piccadilly Circus was surrounded by illuminated advertising hoardings on buildings, starting in the early 1900s, but only one building now carries them. The site is unnamed, but it`s usually referred to as "Monico" after the Café Monico, which used to be on-site. To be honest, I have never heard anyone call them 'Monico'....
Coca-Cola has had a sign at Piccadilly Circus since 1954, but the current placed sign dates from September 2003.
Hyundai Motors sign is the newest of the six, launching on 29 September 2011
TDK added its sign in 1990,
McDonald's added its sign in 1987,
Samsung added its sign in November 1994, and
One Piccadilly was added in late 2013, underneath the Samsung and McDonald's signs, which allowed other companies to advertise for both short- and long-term leases, increasing the amount of advertising space by using the same screen for multiple brands. Now, this screen is engaged by Boots. 

On special occasions the lights are switched off, such as the deaths of Winston Churchill in 1965 and Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997. On 21 June 2007, they were switched off for one hour as part of the Lights Out London campaign.

All my posts stand as a compelling reason to pay a visit to London with the first chance.
I hope I`ve made you see reason. 
But more are yet to come...
Till next time!
Litsiana. K

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