Friday, 26 September 2014

Strike a pose for the 'Litsiana`s Diary' camera/LFW/Somerset House

Dear Diary,

The post I was talking about is finally up on the blog!
I know, it takes me ages to share with you my LFW experience both from a blogger`s and a photographer`s eye, but I hardly have adequate time to send in my blog...
Some styles that grabbed my attention and were worth being photo-shot!
So, there we go...

What do you think about my models? Eye-catchers for sure, huh?
More LFW post are coming up SOON!
Till next time,
get some inspiration and roll along the streets as real fashionistas!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K.

Monday, 22 September 2014

LFW Day2/ Somerset House

Dear Diary,

Day 2 found me again at LFW and it was very promising. I went there with high expectations and it turned to be right. 
For me, LFW is a way of showing how creative you are through the choice of your outfit!
Fashion is Art and the way you are dressed reveals somehow a lot about your traits.

I said to myself that I want to be creative and colourful! So, I put on an umbrella skirt with its matchy strapless top. I added a denim shirt that I bought at Camden Market the other day. Oh, I love Camden Town but this is off topic...
I spent.  more or less, the day there and I met so many people. I took pics of them so the next post it will be about what others put on when they attended LFW! Exciting, huh? Please, stay tuned so as to have a taste of  LFW...

Day 2 supplied me with the excitement and energy I was looking for so as to go there full of beans the following day; Day 3 soon on the blog!
Thanks for coming by loves.
Until next time!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Umbrella Skirt and strapless top, Unique
Shirt, Levi`s
Shoes, Roayena
Bag, John Galliano
Shades, TOMS
Turban, Maitte Kells
Watch, Loisir
Rings, Oxette and Swarovski 
Name Necklace, Tatty Denime/Selfridges

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

LFW Day1/ Somerset House

Dear Diary,

This time of the year came again; the time of massive fashion attack! Oh yes, I`m talking about London Fashion Week!
After 7 whole months, I had the pleasure to attend LFW once again! After my little experience at Somerset House in February, I was now aware of what to expect but I must say that what took place the previous days at that venue was beyond expectations...
I met lots of people with great taste in fashion that I hope to see pretty soon!
LFW started on 12th September and I went there late in the evening due to my heavy schedule. Tired though I was, I didn`t want to miss Day1.  I sneaked a look at what was going on so as to be well prepared for the following day...

What did I wear that day? Well, I was honoured to put unique handmade pieces on by Love to the Bone ( Sweet Stefania, the owner of Love to the Bone, created fabulous and fashionable pieces particularly for me and for LFW! Also, what I was wearing on Day 3 & 4 at LFW in February was made by Stefania... Feel free to refresh your memory by clicking on the folowing links.

 More posts from LFW will be up soon, 
so please stay tuned
thanks for coming by!
Kiss kiss, Hug hug,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Outerwear, Love to the Bone
Skirt, Love to the Bone
Sleeveless tee, Camden Market
Boyfriend Jeans, Primark
Joker Necklace, H&M
Shoes, River Island
Bag, Prada
Watch, Loisir
Rings, Oxette 
Earring, Dsquared2