Monday, 22 September 2014

LFW Day2/ Somerset House

Dear Diary,

Day 2 found me again at LFW and it was very promising. I went there with high expectations and it turned to be right. 
For me, LFW is a way of showing how creative you are through the choice of your outfit!
Fashion is Art and the way you are dressed reveals somehow a lot about your traits.

I said to myself that I want to be creative and colourful! So, I put on an umbrella skirt with its matchy strapless top. I added a denim shirt that I bought at Camden Market the other day. Oh, I love Camden Town but this is off topic...
I spent.  more or less, the day there and I met so many people. I took pics of them so the next post it will be about what others put on when they attended LFW! Exciting, huh? Please, stay tuned so as to have a taste of  LFW...

Day 2 supplied me with the excitement and energy I was looking for so as to go there full of beans the following day; Day 3 soon on the blog!
Thanks for coming by loves.
Until next time!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Umbrella Skirt and strapless top, Unique
Shirt, Levi`s
Shoes, Roayena
Bag, John Galliano
Shades, TOMS
Turban, Maitte Kells
Watch, Loisir
Rings, Oxette and Swarovski 
Name Necklace, Tatty Denime/Selfridges

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