Friday, 19 December 2014

Xmas and the city

Dear Diary,

This is the very first December post and I have put lots of thinking about lots of things...
I have realised something that will leave you speechless.
Albeit I spent last Christmas here in London, no Xmas spirit ever touched me... I couldn`t see or feel it around me...Why? You would ask...
Well, I have two scenarios in my mind.
1) This year, Christmas arrived in London (mua)
2. Last year, I was extremely busy studying and typing so many essays that I spent more time in the Uni library and at home than wandering around the streets of London..... (Yes!)
The thing is that this year, this whole xmas London scheme is something totally new to me and to be honest on the one hand, I regret missing it last year, but on the other hand, how cool is a new experience?!?!?! London, you will always surprise me!
What follows is pictures taken around London; whatever captures my interest. Hope it grasps yours as well!

 Sending Santa my wishing list letter (Baker Street):

Duke`s of York Square:

Covent Garden:

Carnaby Street:

 Victoria`s Secret:

 Carlyle Square:

Oxford Street:

Regent Street:

 Sloane Street:

 Liverpool Street:


Every picture tells a story....
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K.

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