Monday, 12 January 2015

Once upon a time in Thessaloniki....

Dear diary,

It`s been a while since writing to you...

We haven`t said Happy New Year, have we?
Shame on me.....!

Happy New Year! A happy 2015 full of happiness!

As you already know, I went for a couple of weeks back home and it was fabulous!
I will tour you around the xmassy decorated Thessaloniki and its beauties....

As you might have noticed, lately, I really enjoy being behind the camera and act as a prof photographer...using not myprof camera tho, but my built-in phone camera...Weirdo me? Always!

I am sooooooo satisfied with my new LG G2mini -been given to me as a b-day gift in August- that I see no need to carry the heavy prof cam with me....

What I had missed from back home? My family, good old friends and the cast of mind all Greeks share!

How was your holidays?
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A big kiss to all of you,

Litsiana K.