Tuesday, 10 February 2015

All that glitters is not gold!/ Albert Memorial/ Albert Hall

Dear Diary,

How are you?
As you probably know from my IG account, my bestie was here for  a couple of days that turned out to be two weeks!!!! I had a really amazing time combining tourism with work! For me, it was a nice escape from my everyday routine, being lugged around London; for my friend was falling in love with London deeper and deeper day after day. 
 We went to places that I had been to a long time ago, like a year or so ago, and once again I realised how fast time flies away... plus the incredible beauty of this city!
Playing tourism is very entertaining and gives you the chance to spot places for your forthcoming posts. That`s what happened in my case...
This post is about a side of Hyde Park that I really like, It`s always so picturesque no matter what the weather looks like. It reveals the glory and wealth of the Queen of England and the state of these relics throughout the centuries. The title I`ve used for this post is a bit controversial since all seen in gold in the UK is made of real gold!
 Well, who said that gold and money can bring real happiness into one`s life and heart?!?! If gold is the ultimate but still untouchable good in life, don`t fool yourselves that it can make you glitter the moment you touch it. Focus on what is THE important in life and chase after it. If for you is gold, then good luck.....

As every thread of gold is valuable,
 so is every minute of your precious life!
Moments that will never come back 
but will be safely kept in your vault of your memories!

Litsiana K.

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