Friday, 10 April 2015

Hello April!

Dear Diary,

I haven`t welcomed April on my blog...  
Since its very first day, it has been so generous providing us with sunny days every single day!
April has delivered the best London weather and we have to be nothing but grateful!
Spring has sprung, animals have left hibernation state behind and nature is gradually awakening. 

Some tips to enjoy April to the fullest:

  • Let`s leave our dull and dark outfits hidden well in our closets and let`s give space to our floral and colourful patterns! Of course, total black and total white outfits rank No1 on our list!

  • Surrender yourself  to your 5 senses. 

  1. Sight: look the beauty around you!
  2. Sound: listen to all the sounds your city has to offer you and keep the ones who make you dream. Open your windows  widely so as to let fresh air and the melodies of birds come into your house!
  3.  Smell: this time of the year, air travels different smells. Breathe in and breathe out! Go to the nearest florist and buy flowers!
  4. Taste: try different tastes from around the world! Have an insight into other`s tastes and let your horizons open!
  5. Touch: Be one with nature and let its power conquer your  body and mind!

  • Smile, smile, smile! 

  • Close your eyes for a sec and you will see more than open eyes can see!

The first step is to say that you can!
Then, magic will take its turn and you will be astonished by the results!
Till next time, puppies!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Hat, Bershka
Outerwear, Vinatge
Pink Taxedo, Primark
Turtle neck, Primark
Floral Pants, Karl Lagerfeld
Shoes, TKMax
Bag, Calvin Klein

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