Saturday, 13 February 2016


Dear Diary,

How are you?
I am at home.
I have applied my make up but, I haven`t decided yet whether to go out or not... it`s -3 degrees today and I can barely leave the warmth of my house, brrrrrr.

We have said bye bye to dry January and we have welcomed the romantic February. Oh, it`s Valentine`s Day tomorrow! What are you up to?

The last weekend of January found me in Notts (Nottingham)!
It is the 9th city in the UK that I`ve been to. 
Every single one of them has its own beauty... 
My fav one is Birmingham I think.

Notts is the city of Robin Hood and his regents.  I bumped into his statue, opposite the Castle of Nottingham and I fell in love with the view from up there. 
The canal is amazing. When a city is surrounded by water (river or sea) makes me feel more like home; am I a mermaid or what? lol
The architecture okish...
What was new to me is that underneath the city there are numerous mankind caves. The story behind them is amazing! Some ppl were great minds, indeed! That was the best apart of the trip. Do you feel one level up when you gain knowledge about something??? Coz I do. I simply love to discover things that never heard of before.

Have a look at the pics. On Saturday the weather was sunny but cold. On Sunday, it was gloomy and cold, hahaha

In need for a hot cuppa and my duvet hug.
Happy weekend, folks!
Lots of kisses,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Parka, Primark
Scarf, Primark
Jeans, Primark
Boots, Zara
Boy Bag, Chanel
Sunnies, Dior

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