Friday, 13 January 2017

Snowy Thessaloniki!

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year!
Happy 2017!

The new year brought some snow covering my beautiful city of Thessaloniki in snow!
I fell in love with the city once again!
It was the first time I ever saw it in white!
For two days all streets, monuments, roads and cars where covered with snow.
The very low temperatures didn`t stop us; Kate and I hit the streets for some amazing pictures that will stay forever in our minds as a fabulous memory...!

I landed in London yesterday evening and I already miss Salonica...
To my surprise, snow welcomed me the moment I was getting off the plane and today, in the morning it snowed a bit but nothing was covered in white... 
It would be fun to see London dressed in white.
Looots of kisses, loves!
Litsiana K.

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