Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Holland Park/Kyoto Gardens (part 1)

Dear Diary,

Do you remember what I told you last time? About dreaming of different places? Sample of such places does exist in London; so after Little Venice, how about hitting Japan? You know that I love parks and I feel so complete whilst I am surrounded by the beauties of nature! So, what`s a better place than a park? But not an ordinary park; a park with different gardens in so as to choose from and go for the best stroll ever.
The soft option I had was Kyoto gardens. Why?What makes the difference to such gardens? The answer is so simple: Japanese are the best at designing gardens. 
Kyoto gardens can be found in Holland Park. Holland Park is considered one of the most romantic and peaceful parks of West London. The northern half or so of the park is semi-wild woodland, the central section around the ruins of Holland House is more formal with several garden areas, and the southernmost section is used for sport. 
The park contains a famous orangery, a giant chess set, a cricket pitch, tennis courts, a Japanese garden / Kyoto Garden, a youth hostel, one of London's best equipped children's playgrounds, squirrels and (impressively for a London park) peacocks. 
 In this post (part 1),you can have a lil taste of the Japanese Garden cause some of the following up posts will be about the rest. 

Getting back to nature is quite invigorating and I suggest that you all grasp the chance since it is well worth a visit once in a while!
It makes us more humans!
Till next time, keep it green,
Litsiana K.

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