Friday, 4 April 2014

Eclipse/ The Economist Plaza

Dear Diary,

London is full of surprises. There are the well-known places where everyone should pay a visit to but there are some other places that not many know and are really worth visiting. Such a place is The Economist Plaza. I had no clue about it before discovering it randomly the other day as I was walking along St. Jame`s Street. 
Impressively situated among the 18th century streets of St James's is The Economist Plaza. The Plaza exudes a chic and vibrant quality where art meets architecture and create the ultimate office environment. 
As far as the art is concerned, where better to showcase some of the art world's best talent than the rarefied atmosphere of The Economist Plaza. The striking mix of art, architecture, commerce and industry creates an absorbing environment that will fascinate and delight you.
Nowadays, the contemporary art found in that region is
 a sculpture called Eclipse. Not only is it another part of The Plaza's distinctive appeal, it creates a pretty relaxing atmosphere as well.

Eclipse, an occasion when the sun or the moon cannot be seen, because the Earth is passing directly between the moon and the sun, or because the moon is passing directly between the Earth and the sun.
Eclipse: both an astronomical phenomenon and a work of art!
Kiss Kiss,
Litsiana K.

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