Monday, 17 November 2014

Keep calm and graduate!

Dear Diary,

You know my big issue with time... I can`t get it why it flies away that fast... Seriously, why???
One week ago, on 10th November, it was my graduation ceremony!
I was honoured to receive my MA Certificate, graduating in the field of English and in particular  from TESOL with Merit!

The way of life most people adopt is like, first getting their Bachelor and straight away starting their Master`s, In my case, I graduated from Theology in 2009, continued my studies in Teaching English and then starting working as a Teacher of English. It took me a long time to push myself to this big leap...It was always my dream to put on this gown but it is not that easy to be a postgraduate student!

Well, the big decision was taken and Voila! I decided to be a student at the University of Westminster, meeting incredible Teachers who shared their knowledge and experience. Fortunately, we, as students, had the chance to do the same!

The graduation ceremony took place in Waterloo/Southbank and it was more than fabulous! It was an once in a life-time experience that can not be depicted with words!
Classmates/colleagues reunited once again, spreading smiles and happiness! Congrats to all of us and what if this door has closed? Another might have already opened or will open soon....   

Hope the pictures can reveal part of the magic that occurred that day...

 I did it!
Tip: Don`t forget that education achieved in a classroom or by my any other means, is a weapon that can be used to change the world!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Gown, Ede and Ravennscroft 
Dress, Balencianga
Shoes, Fashion Mark Thessaloniki
Bag, Calvin Klein

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