Friday, 7 November 2014

We live among you....

Dear Diary,

Last Friday, it was Halloween!
Happy Halloween ppl!
Halloween means party! Party means good friends! Good friends mean fun! Fun means best memories! Ok, ok, I know, the list can go on forever!
I threw my very first Halloween party! Creepy buffet, loud music and cheeky mood were on!

The invitations were ready and sent out: 

Hey Guys,

What have you been up to?
I know. You`re getting ready for the party. Ooops, sorry! It`s THE party! No,no,no, it`s THE BIG party!No,no,no! It`s THE BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY!

You`re all invited to the `Hunted House on Sloane Avenue!`
Once you enter the house, you are not allowed to get out of it......And you enter it at your own risk!

1) SHOES are not permitted in da house. You can either be bare foot or you can keep your socks on. Smelly feet are more than welcome!
2) You MUST come starving! Come with empty stomach so as to beg me for some disgustingly good food! On the menu is: bats, cut fingers, flies, eyes, worms, to name but a few....
3) You MUST come thirsty so as to beg me for some Dracula blood!
4) Bring your treat coz the trick is on me!
5) Bring your biggest smile
6) Be in the mood for an amazing experience
7) Be on time. Once the door is closed, no one can come in....

If you have any questions, plz DON NOT ask me

My besties came and the party began!

After the party was the after party for Balbina and me!
A prof shooting in Regent Street was waiting for us...
Many thanks to our photographer @londonportraits  for making our night even more fabulous! And of course, my mischievous partner in crime, Balbi! 

Sometimes, we call ourselves idiots coz we act as if we were ones!
But, we always remember that...
an idiot that can make you laugh in their presence
they can make you cry in their absence... in that those are our REAL FRIENDS!
A big goodnight kiss!
Bed callin`...
Litsiana K.

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