Sunday, 5 July 2015

A gloomy Sunday in Brighton!

Dear Diary,

The weather in London, the past 2 months, is a pain in the a£$. Seriously, it`s lovely during the weekdays and it is always shitty on the weekends! WHY????
During the week, I don`t really mind what the weather looks like since I work all day long and have no free time to enjoy the glorious weather, At the weekends, I`m off work and more than ready to enjoy both days to the fullest but, the weather is gloomy, windy or even cold.....
Last weekend, Sunday was mua but I decided to go to Brighton, Of couse, I did check the  weather forecast but still, I couldn`t hold myself back. I miss the sea, the beach and the sand sooooo much.
The streets in Brighton were full of people! It`s really lovely walking and exploring the place for one more time!
I reached the beach but it was impossible to take off my clothes and sunbathe. It`s cold and windy. The sun was playing hide and seek but mostly hide, lol !

The sea makes me happy!
It sets me free; in a way, it`s my home!
Till next time...
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K.

From head to toe:
Denim Jacket, Levi`s
Top&Shorts, Primark
Timps, Forebelle
Sunnies: DIESEL

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