Thursday, 25 June 2015


Dear Diary,

How is everything? 

I`m immensely busy during the week and just on weekends, I have some free time for myself... I don`t rest that much tho since I want to finally do something for me!
You see, on the week days, I take care of my students. I try to make teaching as pleasant as possible for them and teaching two languages to a hundred students shifting from English into Greek and vice versa, throughout the day, it`s not as easy as it might seem to some!
I tire my mind and my body (coz of commute) a lot, but I love my job!

When people need to chilax a lil bit and escape from their daily routine, they go on holidays.!! They are open to new places and new adventures so as to keep themselves busy with. 
I went on holidays last weekend and this time, I chose the city of Manchester!
Manchester is the second most populous urban area in the UK. It`s located in the north-west of England and, for me, it`s the ugliest city I`ve ever been to! But, I spent a wonderful weekend there!
I`m so into architecture, but Manchester seems to lack impressive buildings and designs! Apart from the 'John Rylands Library',the 'Manchester Town Hall' and the 'Manchester Cathedral', the city has not that much to offer...
For the fans of football, there is the 'National Football Museum'. To be honest, I hate football.
Also, a 'Chinatown' can be found in Manchester but, it cannot be compared to the one in London. 

John Rylands Library

Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Cathedral

National Football Museum


Piccadilly Basin

It`s not about the destination.It`s about the journey!
Never forget such a saying by Cavafy!

A big kiss to you,
Litsiana K.

On me:
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Nude Bag, Victoria`s Secret

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