Sunday, 18 October 2015

Awesome Autumn!

Dear Diary,

Awesome Autumn has showed up and I couldn`t be happier!
I love fall! I love its colours! I love its vibes!
No, no, its vibes don`t make me sink into deep melancholy...
Plus, I love all the autumnal outfits; coz it `s not that hot or that cold and I can wear pieces like capes with denim and flare pants!
I discovered this small fall paradise while I was on the bus going to Stratford. On my way back, I got off the bus at the bus stop opposite the lake park and  spent a calm but full of images afternoon before work.

I always say that my favourite season is summer but 
autumn paints in colours that summer has never seen!
Appreciate what every season delivers and make the most of it!
Write to you soon!
Litsiana K.  

On me:
Fedora Hat, Primark
Denim Jacket, Levi`s
Cape, Primark
Flare Pants, H&M
Shoes, FashionMark
Shades, Chloe
Bag, Victoria`s Secret

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