Sunday, 20 March 2016


Dear Diary,

I wanted to update you days now but, having no broadband at home it is challenging.
I hate all companies and their stupid contracts. Or is moving home what makes it look so bad?
The thing is the policy they have, makes no sense to me. Or is it just BT's? 
Pffff, anyway.

Today, I`m going down the memory lane and reminiscing my recent weekend getaway in Cardiff; a different country on the same island.
I realised so when I got off the train and all the signs at the train station were in 2 languages. The first looked nothing but English and I wondered what it was.
 It took me a moment and said to myself: "Litsiana, you are in another country where people speak Welsh. English comes as a second language"
and suddenly a big smile stack on my face. 
Whoop, Whoop!
New adventures mode: on.

The weather was rubbish;
rainy, cold and extremely windy making me postpone the exploration of the city till the following day.
Not too bad though.
I really wanted deep inside me to spend a relaxing Saturday full of sleep, food and relaxation.
So the hotel offered me some quality time at the spa and a king size bed to get some sufficient amount of sleep.  
Saturdays are for sinning. Mac Donald`s in bed was the best escape form the weekday diet, lol.
Back to back movies on telly was something I had missed a lot as hell.
Have no TV at home either....
Please don`t comment on it. I am in the UK and you have no idea what that means till you start leaving here.... 
Let me continue.

The breakfast was amazing.
After fuelling up, I was ready to start exploring Cardiff. The weather was not rainy but, cold and windy. I could barely stop and strike a pose. I preferred to take pics, on the move, rather than be taken. Who, me!
The castle and the coast were pure beauties. 
Overall, I had a sweet escape from the mundane life in London and it`s all that matters.  


Unfortunately, I didn`t try the full Welsh breakfast...on a buttermilk waffle!
I want to cry. 
I didn`t know about it and it wasn`t on the "things to do in Cardiff" list. When I saw it I tried to make me have it but, I was already full of what I'd had at the hotel.
You see, I am a waffle and maple syrup fan! 
End of my detailed post.
Good night, muffins!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Coat, Primark
Leggings, H&M
Backpack, Models
Shoes, Primark
Swimwear, Primark

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