Wednesday, 30 March 2016

LitsianaDoesAmsterdam/Part 1

Dear Diary,

How are you?
I`m fine, thank you!
I`m on holidays.
I do absolutely nothing everyday since last Firday (when it`s my nameday)!
I really needed a few days off from teaching, commuting, working-out to name but a few.
There was an urgent need of sufficient amount of sleep as wel.
I went nowhere; not even for a couple of days. Instead, I `ve been spending the days as a couch potato.
Strolling around the district I currently live in is my only escape. 
Not bad at all, huh?
Today, I was thinking about Amsterdam...where I found all the ingredients of happiness!
So beautiful a city that no pictures can show its real beauty, I think!

With whom did I go?

I reunited with my bestie, Liza whom hadn`t seen for exactly 1 year since her visit to me here.
She from Germany and I from London  met up the middle!
It`s Liza`s idea and I thank her very much!

We spent 3 fabulous days (Friday-Saturday & Sunday) together and must say I `ve missed both Liza and Amsterdam, lol!

This post will cover the 1st day in Amsterdam, starting off the photo voyage from the amazing hotel where we were staying; The Student Hotel.
 Guys, I highly recommend it. It`s super modern, cosy and the view from the hotel room breathtaking!
I wondered around the city of Amsterdam with the best tour guide, Liza since she`d been to Amsterdam more than once. 
At night, we strolled along the Red Light District where all the "innocent" houses and coffee shops are. I didn`t try anything and I don`t regret it but, I have breathed in "innocent" smoke while walking (poor me) and that because the majority of people were smoking it like there is no tomorrow in the streets. There were times I was holding my breath, hahaha! 
Thank God, there are no side effects by merely inhaling someone else's smoke. 

Till next post,
Sleep tight!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Cap, H&M
Jacket, River Island
Pants, Primark
Bag, Calvin Klein
Shoes, Primark

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