Thursday, 5 May 2016

LitsianaDoesBerlin/ part3

Dear Diary,

It`s the last day in Berlin and we`re on a full schedule!
Firstly, we went to Berlin wall.
The weather was gloomy matching with the vibes the wall emits...
Then, we took the train and went to Zone C where Potsdam can be found.
In Potsdam you must definitely pay a visit to the Dutch Quarter and to Sans Souci, the Palace.
The former is built with bricks making it immensely picturesque. It`s the best place to enjoy a cup of tea and a croissant!
The Palace is breathtaking. You put yourself into Diva`s (the once upon a time queen) place...
After this short visit, we went back to the hotel and we got ready for our last night out in Berlin and the choice of place couldn`t have been better.
We went to the television tower and in particular 207m above ground!
The table was by the window and the view was fabulous. 
We were lucky enough to see a magical purple sunset!

Overall, I highly recommend visiting Berlin but, just be aware of the Germans. They are quite aggressive and rude.
Time to get some sleep.
Goodnight, muffins!
Litsiana K

On me:
Dungarees, Primark
Turtle Neck, River Island
Over the knee boots, Zara
Bag, Victoria`s Secret
Shades, Cloe

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