Monday, 19 September 2016


Dear Diary,

I had a fabulous 4 night stay in Larissa at my friend`s, Xenia.
Last time I saw her was in Corfu; when I last saw the beach as well, lol.
I had missed the sea so much...
I went to Larissa on Thursday evening.
On Friday, we went to the beach, Agiokampos.
The area was empty but, I didn`t care at all. I just wanted to be in my bikini, enjoying my iced tea and catching up with my bestie!
After beaching, we went for a delicious lunch to the most beautifully designed tavern I`ve ever been.
That night, we had a cocktail on a nice rooftop bar called 'Skyfall'.
Volos was waiting for us next afternoon. Volos is another city close to Larissa. .It`s a miniature of Thessaloniki to me!
I love Volos and it`d been ages since I last been there. Must go back there asap..
On Sunday, we went to Velika and up on the mountains where
the view was amazing and you could secretly smell autumn coming...
The weather was warm but moody. We had bbq and we ate so much that we were about to explode.
In the late evening, we headed for the train station so as me going back to Thessaloniki.

Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself!
Good night, travellers!
Litsiana K.

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