Monday, 14 October 2013

Disney Store and St. Christopher`s place

 Dear Diary,
Do you remember the Disney Store in Covent Garden? Well, there is another one in Oxford Street! Yiiiiiiha... Time to be a kid once again. That sunny Saturday morning found me in the store with my classmate Maria, exploring the Disney World, posing next to giant cuddly Disney toys  and wishing to be young again so as to buy some of this amazing stuff. We took some pics and left the store with empty hands. Pffff..... Have a look: 

More or less, Saturday was spent wandering around the Oxford Street and doing window shopping.

Wearing:  Outwear, Bershka
                   Leather Jacket, ANEL
                  Jumper,Disney Store
                  Velour sweatpants, Juicy Couture
                  Platform Shoes, Ballin
                  Leather Bag, Borse in Pelle

 The following Saturday found me in St. Christopher`s place. Look out for the landmark  purple clock as heading down Oxford Street and you`ll suddenly discover the entrance to St. Christopher Place-home to an eclectic mix of shops boutiques, restaurants and bars;  for example  if you want a tasty coffee or any kind of beverages go to "Apostrophe". Fancy eating a pizza? "Express Pizza" is there. Are you in a rush? Grasp a sandwich from "Pret a mager",to name but a few guys Matina, another colleague  of mine, and I went there for a hot cup of cupuccino. The place is well worth visiting. . Go there and decide yourselves where to have a seat and have fun!

  Need to go now. Talk to you pretty soon. 
  Litsiana K.

From head to toe: Outwear,Bershka

                                   Leather Jacket,ANEL
                                   Boyfriend Jeans,PRIMARK
                                   Wellington Boots,PRIMARK

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