Sunday, 20 October 2013

Covent Garden

  Dear Diary,

 I wish you were part of my homework so as to spend more time with you, but you aren`t... So, after five whole days reminiscing about the last days in London while composing my essay at the same time, it`s time for me to start writing straight ahead. Do you remember that I went to Covent Garden but it was raining and I couldn`t enjoy myself there? Well, I went there for a second visit cause the weather was sunny and hot, a perfect match for a perfect walk. Due to my previous short wander, I didn`t say much about the place. So, open your ears-in this case, your eyes- and listen/read carefully...

The focus on Covent Garden is the elegant Piazza. You can still see more traces of the original Georgian architecture, through the covered market in the middle is Victorian and is now home to fashion and gift boutiques. Every day of the week, you`ll find market stalls selling one-off jewellery, crafts and antiques, while the streets around the Piazza are full of trendy shores. Visit the Apple Market for British hand-made arts, crafts & antiques, plus the Jubilee & East Colonnade Markets for a huge variety of stalls.

  Are you fancy having your breakfast in the French way? Le pain quotidian is the place you are looking for.
  How about lunching in the Spanish way? Paella looks so tasty, doesn`t it?

Are you an opera addict? Listen to this lady standing near the corner whose loud and high voice grasped my attention and listened to her  for almost a quarter enjoying every single minute of it. At first place, I thought it was music from a store there, but gotsurprised that it was real! Every single day, there is another street artist who keeps you amused so spend some time there cause it`s well worth it.

That`s for now guys! See you soon,
Litsiana K.

P.S.Wearing: Deep Red Boots, Famoushoes
                         Black Legging, Bershka
                         Plaid Shirt, PRIMARK   
                         Black Leather Jacket, ANEL
                         Orange Outwear, BONACHERO
                         Blue Shoulder Bag, Juicy Couture
                         Sunglasses, Toi&Moi

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