Sunday, 3 November 2013

Happy Halloween / Creepy Doll

Dear Diary,

Halloween was on 31st October. I didn`t go out or dressed up but I stayed at home carving my pumpkin, decorating a special Halloween buffet and looking for an appropriate movie to watch at night... Scary Movie 5 was the winner for that night. What`s better than be scared in a hilarious way??
Have a look at my spooktacular buffet and don`t be jealous cuz many treats are left!

A norm pumpkin 

A carved pumpkin

Jack O` Lantern

A giant Ginger Bread 

Though, I hanged out with my MA friends the following day . "Rumba" is  a club for RNB and Hip Hop fans.  More than proper for my music taste.I had the best night out in London since ever!  Of course, to be part of the whole Halloween spirit I disguised as a Creepy doll showing my creepy rnb movements all night long!

Bye Bye Halloween! It was a pleasure meeting you.
Litsiana K.

                   Plaid Dress, PRIMARK
                   Navy Black Tight, PRIMARK
                   Lace Shocks, PRIMARK
                   Ballerina Shoes, PRIMARK 


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