Sunday, 17 November 2013

Autumn / Green Park

Dear Diary,

The last few days-almost a week- the weather was smooth and bright. Autumn in London is both breathtaking and awesome! Autumn is about to leave in a few days and give its turn to winter. I love the colors in nature during fall. What is a better place than a park in which you admire all that beauty that the nature canvas provides us with? Green Park hosted me the other days and it was just a blessing being there and having that amazing time. I have to admit that I felt like Snow White while animals and birds surrounded me and showed me their love. I did made some new adorable little friends who prepare themselves for hibernation, but I`ll meet them again in spring. 

Green Park is a park in the City of Westminster, central London. One of the Royal Parks of London, it covers 19 hectares (47 acres)  between Hyde Park and St. James's Park. The park is said to have originally been a swampy burial ground for lepers from the nearby hospital at St James's.
The park consists almost entirely of mature trees rising out of turf; the only flowers are naturalized narcissus.

Nature`s true gold! An endless treasure for those who respect it!

By contrast with its neighbors, Green Park has no lakes, no buildings and few monuments, having only the Canada Memorial by Pierre Granche, the Constance Fund Fountain and the RAF Bomber Command Memorial, opened in 2012.

Isn`t it cute? A squirrel sneaking into my shooting....or I was the one intervening , huh? Anyway. It`s so friendly and hungry. I fed it with some bread sticks and cereal biscuits. The photos in which I wear the hat is after some minutes, after leaving the park and my little friend followed me for more lunch.... Love you squirrel, sweet dreams and see you in spring!

That`s all for now! Stroll along the nearest park and wait for my next post.
Until then, 
Kiss Kiss, 
Litsiana. K

                 P.S. On me: 
                       Foil Leopard Leggings, PRIMARK
                       Baroque Feather, PRIMARK
                       Boots, PRIMARK
                       Nylon Fur Trim, PRIMARK
                       Canvas Shoulder XL Bag, PRIMARK
                       Hat, Alexi Andriotti 

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