Saturday, 1 February 2014

Buckingham Palace

Dear Diary,

New month has come; February is on the spot and the winter is still in progress... I`m so busy dealing with courses and  constantly coming guests but I`m so excited to find a few minutes so as to share my adventures in the city of London with you ! 
The setting has been settled: Buckingham Palace. Oh, yes! I put my hat on and pumped into the palace to say my royal hi to the Queen! Not only is the palace picturesque but also it is highly prestigious! After all, it`s not a common house,right? 
Buckingham Palace is Queen Elizabeth II`s London residence. In the summer the State Rooms are open to visitors and it`s possible to get a sense of the pomp and ceremony of modern-day monarchy. Another reason to impatiently wait for summer!
It`s built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham. All visitors pay a visit to it as it`s the "do" place on the list.

Have to run now!
God save the Queen.
Royal kisses,
Litsiana K.

Faux fur, Vera&Lucy 
Denim Jacket, PRIMARK
Denim T-shirt, PRIMARK
Denim skirt, PRIMARK
Boots, Famous Shoes
Hat, Alexi Andriotti

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