Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"The Trembling Lady" in a purple setting/ The Albert Bridge

Dear Diary,

Time passes like water and I feel both nostalgic and melancholic about it. I wish it was September now; a whole year ahead in London. Especially, because it`s the first time after a long time (since my previous studies in 2010) and the last time for me as a student. Then, back to what?!?!?! 
Time will tell!
That weather, that place,that colors emerged from the sky that day (Sunday) and that music perfectly suited my nostalgic and melancholy mood! Not only do I love parks, I love bridges as well and the Albert Bridge was the appropriate place to be...

The Albert Bridge is a road bridge over the River Thames in West London, connecting Chelsea on the north bank to Battersea on the south bank. Designed and built by Rowland Mason Ordishin in 1874 as a toll bridge, but  it was commercially unsuccessful. Six years after its opening, it was taken into public ownership and the tolls were lifted. The tollbooths remained in place and are the only surviving examples of bridge tollbooths in London (You can see the tollbooth in the pic with the red telephonebooth; all the booths together,hahahaha).
 Nicknamed "The Trembling Lady" because of its tendency to vibrate when large numbers of people walked over it, the bridge has signs at its entrances that warned troops to break step whilst crossing the bridge.

Purple is a mixture of red and blue. 
Red for passion and blue for freedom.
Purple for me!
Kiss Kiss,
Litsiana. K*

Fur, Vintage 
Neck Blouse, PRIMARK
Leather Leggings, Stradivarius
Trainers, NIKE
Sunnies, Mark Jacobs

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