Sunday, 30 March 2014

A "Happy Face" in Kingston upon Thames

Dear Diary,

London is awesome and the options provided are more than enough. I think it`s impossible to go everywhere in London since it has up to 9 zones, not quite sure though. My favourite one is Zone 1, where the hustle and bustle is but setting off on day trips is such an invigorating experience. 
The other day, I decided to go to Kingston Upon Thames in zone 6. I went there by train and the journey was quite nice. When I arrived at the station, I had a big smile on my face....I love being in new places. You never know what comes behind the next corner.
 I found myself wandering the streets of Kingston, absorbing any new image I bumped into. In Kingston, there is almost everything but in a smaller size, making the place warm and cozy. 
I was strolling along the river Thames; being surrounded by trees and the river brings you closer to the nature. 
But I was looking for something weird and different. Something unique that cannot be found anywhere else. 
Spending a lot of hours in careful scrutiny of the region, I came up with no results. I took the way back but this time, I preferred the bus rather than the train. I hopped on the bus and I hooped off after one stopping. The "thing" I was looking for suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
A row of telephone booths seemed to be the case!
 Do you know the board game 'domino'? Have you ever seen a domino made by telephone booths? Well, me neither, merely in some carte postales. 

I know I didn`t say anything about the place.
I wanted to stress the importance of everyone`s strong desire to see/ do new things.
It`s what makes our days special; a  continuously purpose of carefully looking for what makes us happy!
Be happy and smile!
Litsiana K.

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