Sunday, 11 May 2014

Holland Park/Part2

Dear Diary,

It`s Sunday afternoon, a rainy and windy one, and I`m at home reminiscing about my stroll along Holland Park the other day... 
That day, the weather reminded me of the Greek weather. It was sunny, super hot and I was so eager to hit a breathtaking place, so I set off for Holland Park. It was my second visit there; the first one was at Kyoto Gardens (may have a look here:
The beauty of that Garden, no name found on any board, cannot be depicted in words...
The place looks like it`s been taken out from Alice in Wonderland tale and I was constantly looking for the white rabbit so as to pursue him and fall down the rabbit hole. Do I sound stupid? I`m in need of something magical. It is known that a mundane day has lost its magic and I am here to add some stardust to mine, hihi!
After all, Alice in Wonderland is my fave book and movie. 
Well, no white rabbit found but I spent quality time with my photographer playing chess apart from taking pictures. I`m no slouch at chess, so is the photographer! Who won? To be honest, we quit playing and started taking amazing pictures!
I also smelled so many different kind of flowers, mostly tulips; the rear black ones, with a lovely scent, can be found there! Awesome, huh? And finally, a hut, as if it was owned by dwarfs makes the setting once again pertinent to that in fairy tales. 

I`m gonna watch Alice now and I`ll never stop looking for the 'white rabbit'. I just want to chase him down his hole....
My tip of the day?
Once in a while, spoil yourself rotten with something that you find invigorating (a walk, a scoop of ice cream, etc) so as to give yourself a boost up. 
Litsiana K.

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