Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Balloon Room/ Hayward Gallery

Dear Diary,

Who doesn`t have childhood memories with balloons? Yes, these objects made of thin rubber which are filled with air and used as a toy and decoration for parties etc... 
Well, who has been to a room full of balloons at the age of 27? I guess, few! 
The other day, I wanted to bring back those innocent years and when my eye caught that event, I immediately said 'yes'.   So, did my crazy partner in crime, Balbi! 
The concept was simple, a room was crawling with roughly 7,000 white balloons and us acting like since the year dot; when we were about 5 years old.
Maybe, you`re constantly asking yourself: 'What`s the point of it?  
In  'What`s the point of it?', Martin Creed`s work occupies the entire Hayward Gallery. Particularly, in WORK No.200 Half the air in a given space (1998) Martin Creed packages and makes visible the air that surrounds us by precisely measuring and capturing half of it inside nearly, as I `ve already mentioned, 7,000 balloons!!!!! The environment that he creates is both playful and claustrophobic, and drastically alters our perception of space.
We spent almost 3 hours crawling across the floor, jumping, taking pictures, laughing, sweating, making a real hash of our hair, to name but a few. For more than half an hour, I was trying to comb my hair....
Let me introduce Martin Creed in a few lines. He was born in 1968 in Wakefield, England but he was raised in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London and he has made large-scale installations, drawings, paintings, kinetic works, neon signage and films. 
We went quickly through to all his works but the Balloons were by far much more entertaining, at least for us! 

Excuse our mess and craziness! May the pics reveal what the words cannot depict!

Till next time, 
try to blow up as many balloons as you can!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K. 

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