Thursday, 15 May 2014

"Pink" Big Ben

Dear Diary,

You know, fish and chips, cup of tea, bad food, worst weather, Mary Poppins and Big Ben .... The latter is one of the most famous landmarks widely and my fave one. Ok, I have not been to Paris/ Tower Eiffel or to NY/ Statue of Liberty but for the time being is my No 1.
Well, to be honest, it ranks alongside White Tower which can be found in my hometown Thessaloniki, in Greece.
Anyways... It`s months since my last visit to BB, so I decided to go there and be a tourist for a day ... Hmmm, I actually consider myself as both a tourist and a London citizen, but since it`s a new city for me I have to take the most of it, right? 
I did manage to take pics and stand out at the sea of tourists, who were constantly photo bombing any effort of mine...probably, I was doing the same to them...
That day, the sun and the rain were playing hide and seek and "one moment you're gliding along... the next moment you're standing in the rain watching your life fall apart". 
I have to admit that I was hoping to be rainy since I have no pics holding an umbrella.... hahahaha.I`m not kidding! I`m talking seriously. Come on, I`m in the Rainyland and I`m supposed to enjoy rain. Winter was cold but not rainy at all, so it was my chance and I just grasped it! 

For more about BB, you may have a look here:

I wish for sunny spells!
Take your umbrella and your sunnies just in case ....cause you are always at sea about what the weather will look like. 
Until next time!
Kisses and hugs,
Litsiana K.

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Sunnies, PRIMARK
Pearl Necklace, Fashion Mark

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