Monday, 4 August 2014

Hyde Park Corner

Dear Diary,

You can`t imagine how hot it is... Seriously, no rain the few past months and parks are the best evidence to prove so....All parks suffer from drought and the grass is dry and yellowish. 
I know that everyone correlates London with heavy rainy but seriously the weather here reminds me that of my country, Greece!
Due to this hot weather, taking the bus is a bad choice since it `s a moving sauna... Not that tube is better. Few buses are equipped with air conditioning and if so, the upper deck is the one with a/c. So, I prefer to go anywhere on foot and especially to places in walking-distance. 
A place near my neighbourhood is Hyde Park Corner. I haven`t showed you its beauty. So, are you ready?
Hyde Park Corner is an area in London located around a major road junction at the south-eastern corner of Hyde Park. Six streets converge at this junction: Park Lane (from the north), Piccadilly (northeast), Constitution Hill (southeast), Grosvenor Place (south), Grosvenor Crescent (southwest) and Knightsbridge (west). In the centre of the Hyde Park Corner traffic island stands the Wellington Arch (or Constitution Arch), designed by Decimus Burton.

That`s all for now.
Write to you soon!
Kiss kiss, hug hug,
Litsiana K.

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