Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sloane Square!

Dear Diary,

The days were turned from heat wave to cold snap and were full  of scattered showers. Weather change and mood change is on. I`m not ready for the winter... I love autumn and what it brings along with it.
I love wearing autumnal outfits coz I feel awesome in them!
Well, apparently you know that I love fashion but I don`t talk about fashion on my blog at all. I prefer to share with you my outfit options rather than talk about them, but the today`s post is an exception. More thought will follow since I find f/w  so appealing. Also, I`ve changed my style due to my job. I`m not a student any more; I`m a teacher now!

Sooooo, a must trend for this season is the hat! I`m so obsessed with Wool Fedora Hats. My favourite one is the one that I`m wearing in the following pictures. The combination of black and navy black was always at the top of the list! 

Before the cold spells appear, I went for a stroll in Sloane Square! The place is so perfect for a day walk during autumn and it`s also suggested for night walks during Christmas time when all the xmas lights are on and create such a holly and romantic atmosphere!

Sloane square is a small hard-landscaped square on the boundaries of the central London districts of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea.
The Venus Fountain which stands in the centre of the square was constructed in 1953, designed by sculptor Gilbert Ledward The fountain depicts Venus, and on the basin section of the fountain is a relief which depicts King Charles II and Nell Gwynn by the Thames, which was used in relation to a house located close by that Nell Gwynn had used.

That`s all for now.
Gotta go fellows.
Litsiana K.

On me:
Wool Fedora Hat, Primark
Maxi Dress, Vintage
Leather Jacket, Anel
Sleeveless Fur, Bonachero
Boots, Primark
Backpack, Primark

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