Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hello, October!/Battersea Park

Dear Diary,

I haven`t written to you for ages!
Did you miss me?
My every single day has changed. I`m a hard working girl now with little free time.
I feel that it will not be easy to keep up with the Diary as 'often' as I did in the past.
But I`ll try my best coz Diary works as a medium to let-off steam and relax a bit.

October is here. We`re in the heart of autumn and to be honest, it`s the second favourite season of mine after summer of course! The colours you get from the nature are brown, orange, yellowish, deep green and burgundy!  Colours that people choose to put on too!
I think that it`s worth visiting a park during fall or spring. I remember my first visit to Green Park about a year ago...and this time of the year came again!!! Time is fleeting and we can do nothing about it. What we can do though is enjoy every single day and what it comes along with it!

The other day, I hit Battersea Park. 
Despite the fact that people say that autumn makes both our mind and soul sink into deep melancholy, for me it`s not the case! In the autumn, I feel more determined than ever to take decisions and make them happen.

One tip for those who get easily influenced by the season change.
Consider autumn as a second spring when every leaf is a flower!
It works, right?
I`ll try to post more soon.
With love,
Litsiana K.

From head to toe:
Wool Fedora Hat: Alexi Andriotti
Shades: River Island
Leather Jacket, Anel
2 in 1 Shirt Top, Primark
Tie Front Shorts, Primark
120 den Tights, Primark
Shoes, Super Made
Backpack, Primark
Watch, Loisir

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