Monday, 3 August 2015

LitsianaDoesBrighton!/ Part3

Dear Diary,

Happy August!

I`m back home! Back to my lovely hometown, Thessaloniki and back to my lovely summer house in Kalives, Chalkidiki!
It`s been a week since my arrival in Greece and I wonder  non-stop. 
So little time so many things on the list! I`ll do my best to cross out as many as possible...
Last summer, I came back just for 10 days, this summer it`ll be staying for much longer; for almost 2 months!
My last days in London were quite intensive!
I had so much work and I moved out from my lil cute flat.
Ok, unless you have to move your stuff, you have no idea how much you own...
Too numerous to mention.
Clothes, shoes, beddings, towels, kitchen ware, books, TV, to name but a few. I remember when I moved to London, I traveled with two pieces of luggage. After 1, 5 year in London 6 pieces and everything was super squeezed to fit in.
I did it and here I am!
In my summer house there is no WIFI and that`s a good thing...I am phone free (ok, I do have data but the reception is poor so I just update my IG account) and that means I might be really slow in blogposting.

Before leaving London, I owed one last visit to the place I love the most!
Oh yes, Brighton babe!
I went there with my partner in crime, My sweet sweet Balbi! <3

Am off, Am on my balcony with mom and Kate.
Absorb every single moment in your every day life like a sponge!
Till next time!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K,

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