Sunday, 23 August 2015


Dear Diary,

Summer in Greece is all about beaching!
So many beautiful beaches, so little time...
I've been abroad to two different places (to Brighton & Sunny Beach, Bulgaria)  during summer and I must admit that amazing beach bars can be found only in Greece.
In Brighton none. In Sunny Beach plenty of them but all, more or less, are the same; with white umbrellas and white sunbeds. No concept in mind.
In Greece and in particular, in Chalkidiki you can bump into the most amazing ones.
The exterior and interior design of these beach bars leave you in awe!
My favorite one is Elephant which opened its doors this summer, 2015 and it is on the 1st leg of Chalkidiki, Pefkoxori.

Few lines about Chalkidiki.
Chalkidiki is consisted of 3 peninsulas, tho in Greek are referred to as "legs"!
The 1st one is Kassandra, the 2nd one is Sithonia and the 3rd one is Athos.
Chalkidiki is situated in the south of Thessaloniki.

 If a paradise is a place on earth,
 it is possibly Greece!
Sun-kissed kisses,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Ethnic Bikini, SOUSOU
Shades, Marc Jacobs
Flip Flops, Mitsuko
Outerwear, gaffer & fluf

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