Monday, 17 August 2015

Up in the!/MET Hotel

 Dear Diary,

I came back home 3 weeks ago and all I`ve been doing is beaching non-stop!
My first ever Greek splash happened on a magnificent rooftop garden at a 5* hotel, the MET  Hotel.
The RG affords a breathtaking view over the city of Thessaloniki!
It`s a place where both body and mind relieve stresses and strains that autumn, winter and spring filled them in with...with reckless abandon!
Went there twice, in 2 weeks time, with my bestie, Katerina and had a blast!
Of course, nothing can be compared to the beach and the amazing ones that can be found in Greece but if you feel stuck in the city why don`t you try the pool?!?!?
Hadn`t been to my home-town since December so I really wanted to spend 3 days here and then hit the nearby beaches, and a pool escape never hurt anyone!
To be honest, I was dreaming of this when I was in London.
Yes. London has  rooftop gardens but they aren`t affordable...

The next post will be about my beach life in Chalkidiki, the place to be!
Till next time,
Summer it out!
Litsiana K.

On me,
Τop, New Look
Bottom, Pacha
Shades, Marc Jacobs

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