Sunday, 3 April 2016


Dear Diary,

Happy April! Spring has sprung and every single day that passes away is one day closer to summer!
Whoop, Whoop!
I will suffer tho a bit coz it`s spring and my mood can easily go from level -10 to level 10. 
As I promised, Part 2 of my trip to Amsterdam in up and there is going to be one more and last part, Part 3.
I have so many and amazing pics that I want to share with you...

On Saturday, we woke up pretty early, at 7. Well, I woke up at 7 and Liza one hour later, hahaha
I wanted to go and see IAMSTERDAM like crazy and we knew it would me extremely busy unless we go there as early in the morning as possible. We arrived at 9 and it was already full of tourists, grrrrrrr but, we managed to take some nice shots.
Then, we had our breakfast; delicious panacakes and coffee with the view of one of the numerous picturesque canals.
Afterwards, we headed to the flower market and to the shops. From the former, I purchased some souvenir key chains and from the latter a cute fluffy beanie coz the cap could barely protect me from the cold.
Oh yes, I didn`t tell you what the weather looked like. 
Yes, it was sunny but, ridiculously cold. I was wearing way too many layers; tights under my pants, 2 vests and 2 long-sleeved vests, one turtle neck blouse, one normal blouse and my jacket. 
I was wearing the same clothes throughout the trip not because I had no other outfit with me but, because the other one was not suitable for this freezing cold weather,lol.

Basically, we were wandering around the city and whenever we couldn`t bare the cold we were popping into small cafes and food places to fuel up and warm up our bodies.

Bedtime callin` sweeties!
The new term starts tomorrow... Back to Litsie the teachie mode!
Goodnight kiss,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Cap, H&M
Jacket, River Island
Pants, Primark
Bag, Calvin Klein
Shoes, Primark

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