Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sweet November!

Dear Diary,

Bye October, 
thank you for the great memories.
Hi November, 
I look forward to making new ones!

Seriously, how amazing are the shades of autumn?
Look at these red leaves!
I`m falling in love with every single leaf that falls down...
Last Sunday, I went to Walthamstow.
It has a lil park which is one of my favourites. I have so many memories from last autumn since I was staying in this area for a short time. 
But, last year the colours were yellowish and brownish.
This year`s redish has left me standing with an open mouth and wide open eyes.
I call it M-A-G-I-C.
Nature is a true artist, isn`t it?

So, November is the last month of autumn but the begging of a new adventure.
In other words, time take risks and do the unexpected!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Federa Hat, Primark
Coat, Vintage
Knit, Gap
Shirt, Fullah Sugar
Faux leather pants, Primark
Shoes, River Island
Bag, Moschino

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