Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Hill Garden and Pergola

Dear Diary

How is everything?
All good!
Time flies and finds me always on the go.
Thank God my students are adorable and show me how much they enjoy the lesson and how much they love me by making nice comments about the lessons I give or even surprising me with a hot gingerbread latte and a little stuffed lion whose belly I rub on my phone screen and -voila- it`s clean! 
Love you guys seriously!

When I don`t work I continue tiring myself, hahaha;
I take me for loooong walks to parks since the shades of autumn refresh me!
About a month ago, on 16th October (before checking the date I thought it was 2 weeks ago), I went to The Hill Garden and Pergola.
In general, it was nothing exciting until my eyes couldn`t stop staring at a little plant turned out completely yellow! 
You might think I am fool,
I would tell you just stop and admire!

The most beautiful things in life are NOT things.
They are people and places, memories and pictures.
They are feelings and moments; 
smiles and laughter. 

embrace what surrounds you and 
feel blessed!
Litsiana K.

On me:
A super calm and happy face, Mother Nature

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