Friday, 13 December 2013

"Superman" in Hard Rock Cafe

Dear Diary,

On my name day (09/12/2013), I lunched in Hard Rock Cafe. I ordered a delicious JUMBO COMBO; a delectable array of the most popular starters that’s big enough to share. It includes Santa Fe Spring Rolls, Hickory-Smoked Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Potato Skins and Tupelo Chicken Tenders and it is served with five different sauces for mixing and matching plus an extraordinary smooth !!!! When I asked for the check at the end, they where pleased to tell me that I would be given a collective glass as a present! And they didn`t even know that it was my name day, hehehehe. So, I popped into the Hard Rock Cafe Shop and took my present!

Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Americans Isaac Tigrettand Peter Morton in London. In 1979, the cafe began covering its walls with rock and rollmemorabilia, a tradition which expanded to others in the chain. 
The first Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) opened 14 June 1971, in London, England under the ownership of young Americans Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett. 

That`s all for now,
See you soon guys!
Kiss Kiss,
Litsiana K.

Nylon Fur Jacket, PRIMARK
Superman Oversize, PRIMARK
Tight Split Maxi Skirt, PRIMARK
XL Shoulder Canvas Bag,PRIMARK
Sunnies, MARC JACOB 

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