Monday, 9 June 2014

I found my inner kid at Battersea Park***

Dear Diary,

It`s been a week since my last post.... How are you?
Did you miss me? I `ve missed you too, but I had a really busy schedule....Yeah, yeah, as always, I know!
The other day, I was so tired of taking the bus and so full f beans that I had to give vent to my pent-up feelings, so I decided to head south, near my region, in order to find an awesome place within walking-distance . Very vague plans but they turned out to be a total success. 
London is stuffed full of parks as you know, so after a 30-minute-walk, I bumped into Battersea Park.
It was on the list, but I always postponed my visit there. Don`t ask me why, I have no clue!
The perfect timing came; me in a good mood and summer weather!
The park is so big that I would definitely go there again and pretty soon!
Few lines about the Battersea Park then.
Battersea Park is situated in London, on the south bank of the River Thames opposite Chelsea, and was opened in 1858.  An inner city park with so much variety, hidden secrets, and activities.
Historic and attractive gardens can be found in all corners, although they may not be how the original creators envisaged.
The area has some major landmarks nearby, such as Battersea Power Station, and the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Already on the list!
As you can see from the pics, the sky was blue, filled with amazing white clouds and my inner kid was running full tilt around the park. Oh, there was a cool playground as well for children like me, hehehe! Ok, I`m much taller than an overage child in that I was struggling a lil bit but I felt free and innocent again! 

Au revoir, Battersea Park!

Write to you soon,
Litsiana K. 

On me:
Leather jacket, ANEL
Selfie tee, Primark
Skater skirt, Stradivarius
Shoes, River Island
Back, River Island
Sunnies, Primark


  1. love everything in this outfit:)<3