Monday, 23 June 2014

Mickey spotted at Regent Park!

Dear Diary,

Long time no see, right? 
Here I am and I have so little time to type anything in...
I`ll be brief!
Intensive schedule, many things in my mind and creativity push me to do lots of things but always in a rush....
The other day, I was in the library surrounded by piles of books and being at the basement without the sunlight and some fresh air made me go for a long stroll. The closest place was the Regent Park and to be honest, I haven`t been there since 2011. 
The weather was sooooo hot (don`t ask why I `m wearing the jacket...Well, I`m always carrying an outerwear with me in case it gets colder, cause you never know..You are in London for God`s sake.) The sky was sooooo blue and packed full of lovely white clouds!!! I think I have an obsession with clouds and I love taking them pics! 
They look like cotton candies, no? When I was young, I wanted to lie and sleep on them; the perfect cuddle bed for sweet dreams. <3 
I think that the Regent Park didn`t grasp that  much my attention as a few summers ago. It is lovely but not on the top of my list, and I `ve been to so many parks. Mmmmm, I just hit on an idea. I will list my favorite parks on my page on FB ( so as to visit the good ones first when you visit London. 

The Regent's Park was designed by John Nash; it covers 395 acres and includes Queen Mary's Gardens which features more than 30,000 roses of 400 varieties, as well as the gloriously restored William Andrews Nestfield's Avenue Gardens. With excellent sports facilities spanning nearly 100 acres it includes the largest outdoor sports area in central London. The park also houses the Open Air Theatre, London Zoo, Primrose Hill, the country's largest free to access waterfowl collection and 100 species of wild bird.

Mmmm, when I start writing and expressing myself I cannot hold myself back that easy!
Till next post, I hope to be more relaxed and not so stressed and full of guilt whilst updating my diary.
Love, kiss and hugs,
Litsiana K.
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