Wednesday, 4 June 2014

to ice-cream OR not to ice-cream?/Southbank

Dear Diary,

If you ask me what I miss most, there is no  particular answer to that question that I can give you... 
I think I miss Summer all year around. in that I was born in the hottest summer month, in August, and this fact results in a strong bond between me and summer....! 
Last Sunday was the 1st June, officially the first day of summer (yiha!), so I decided to act smartly and 'summerly'.... The weather was really helpful so I wasted no time in welcoming June!
Summer is all about vivid colours, ice-creams, cold refreshments, cocktails, summer fruit, bikinis, short shorts, flip-flops, sunglasses, no make-up, loud music,beaches and the SEA! To be honest, the list can go on and on, even when you are dreaming with your eyes open or closed...
Well, there is no sea in walking-distance, but there is Thames!
No, no, no. I didn`t go swimming, but for a stroll  at Southbank...
I`m a kind of sea type of person, so thank God I can find solace in the river till going back to Greece!
Greece+Sea=1=PURE LOVE <3
Fancy eating a vanilla ice-cream? 
Thought so...So am I, BUT I`m lactose intolerant so no milky ice-cream for me... I feel so sad while watching someone holding such a treat...Pfffff. 
I can digest yoghurt, so frozen yoghurt for me!!! Less fat, unbeatable taste! This time I asked to have my frozen yoghurt in a cone, as a norm ice-cream lover....
I have no more time to jot anything else down. 

A few last lines...
Summer has begun but the winter that just passed was so wonderful and fabulous due to one school of thought.
"Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for a man to fall in love with you . Happiness is achieved the moment you stop waiting for something and make the most of the moment you are in now".
That`s all for now. I have to go back to my studies...
Kiss kiss, Hug hug
Litsiana K.

On me:
Ice-cream tee, Primark
Short shorts, Primark
Sandals, Primark
Outerwear Maui and Sons, Primark
Sunnies, Primark
Backpack, Bershka
Necklace, Models
Name Necklace, Selfridges
Rings, River Island/ Primark