Friday, 27 June 2014

Fluffy clouds!

Dear Diary,

It`s Friday night and I`m about to eat something tasty and watch a nice movie! No plans for tonight; I feel so tired and I`m in need for some rest! My week was extremely busy, so I gave myself the day off and I really enjoyed my sunny Friday... 
I went to a lovely and picturesque place, but I won`t reveal its name though, since the next post is gonna be about it!!!! I`m looking forward to it!!!!
Well, no more to say this time....Who? Me? Yes!
Just see some pictures that I took at Hyde Park during the week as a reward and a sweet escape from my schedule!
The weather was sooooo hot (no jacket with me this time, hehe) and the sky was full of amazing fluffy clouds. My obesession, you`re right!

Off to my comfy couch and let the movie night begin!
Have a wonderful weekend and write to you soon!
Kiss kiss and hug hug,
Litsiana K.

On me:
See through pants, Primark
Shoes, Primark
Bag, Chanel
Eyewear, Ray-ban
Watch, D&G

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