Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Summer on the island Part 2/ Brighton

Dear Diary,

I could have never imagined that summer in England can be that awesome! I spent one summer month in London some years ago but I had to attend classes daily and explore the city as much as I could, so no thoughts about visiting the British seaside...
Now, I have more time and I`m more flexible to travel around Britain. Yihaaaaaa!
The other day, I went to Brighton. Brighton and in particular, University of Brighton was one of my MA options but I declined it cause I am a city type of girl and I can`t stay away form the hustle and bustle for that long, especially if it`s fall or winter. For the summer time, Brighton is the best place to be; Guarantee!!!!
Summer in Greece is well-known so, I`m a harsh judge of saying if a place is proper for summer escapes and fulfil one`s expectations...
For me, Brighton ranks alongside Chalkidiki or any Greek Island, in that it has a beauty that can be found nowhere!
1. Sea
2. Blue sky
3. Pebble coastline
4. Brighton Pier
5. Brighton Wheel
6. Luna Park/Casino/food/drinks/desserts, to name but a few can be found on the pier, in the middle of the sea!
7. Seagulls. Have you ever heard the sound that seagulls make? I just love the sounds they make, so relaxing and peaceful.  
I can assure you that it `s not merely these 7 things but there are many more to be found. My very first visit was spent in these. I will explore the city next time! Pinkie promise...

Till next post!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K.

Total outfit Maui and Sons
Trainers, Nike
Shades, Mark Jackobs
Swimwear, Primark

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